Lead Generation Websites

Lead Generation Websites

Targeted Marketing Websites for Increased Leads

If you are trying to increase leads for your business, a lead generation website is the best solution for you. We build lead generation websites to target a specific market or to highlight specific service. These websites offer the website visitor a brief overview of the features and benefits of your service, solution or product which will turn into a phone call or email from your website. These sites are not meant to offer large quantities of content and solutions, but rather introduce the visitors to your company's services or products. The website should encourage them to contact you for more information. Lead generation sites are normally focused on one product or service, which can supplment your company with additional opportunities to reach your ideal clients, other than your comprehensive company website.

What Your Lead Generation Website Should Contain:

  Quick contact forms

  PDFs or other information available for download

  Email newsletter signups

  A blog or news section

  Client testimonials

  Prominent calls to action

  Video functionality

  Built-in search engine optimization (SEO)

  Links back to your full site

Lead Genearation Website

Lead Generation Website

Using these best practices along with utilizing SEO strategies, you can drive more traffic to your websites which will translate to leads!

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