Search Engine Optimization

We know the frustration you are feeling when it comes to getting traffic to your website and we know how to fix it.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes that great looking website and puts it in front of your targeted audience. We can find the most valuable keywords for your business and optimize your website so it will show up in front of the people looking to buy your product or service.

How It Works

Step 1: Discovery
We learn about your business, we will find out what you do, what you sell and what you want to sell more of. We also want to find out who your competitors are, all this information will give us the building block for our next step...

Step 2: Research
We will take the discovery information and research your competitors and find out what is making them so successful online. We find out what keywords they are ranking for and find out how much value it will bring to your bottom line. We will also research your website and uncover any deficiencies that it may have in regards to SEO.

Step 3: Strategy
We take your goals and needs and combine this with our research to build an online marketing strategy. This includes a plan for optimizing your website's content (on page SEO) and a plan for link building (off page SEO).

Step 4: Implementation
We will implement the changes on your website as well as start an off page SEO campaign. The off page SEO campaign is like rocket fuel for your website and will give your website the push it needs to get into the prime spots in the Google searches.


How long does it take to get on page 1 of Google?
Typically it takes between 4-6 months to get your website onto page 1 of Google for low to medium competition search terms but there are many factors to take into account that vary from website to website.

How much will it cost?
We custom build your SEO plan based on your needs so the cost varies, we do not provide general cookie cutter style SEO.

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